{Sequential Access Method} Sequential data Access via Meta-data {The SAM Toucan}
Using SAM Executive Overview
SAM Documentation
HELP! (D0 specific) If you cannot find answers to your questions in the documents above, you can check the other sources of SAM Help, or you can also ask the SAM community ( DZero: d0sam-admin@fnal.gov ; CDF:cdfsam-users@fnal.gov). For the name, email, phone number, and time zone of today's SAM shifters, go to SAM Daily Shift List (DZero , CDF).
D0 Database browser (new)
Database browsing web pages allow you to view cataloged files, project definitions, project snapshots, analyzed files and more.  You can run existing queries, or create your own query pages.

For a background on the SAM data structures, Explore the SAM Data Model before querying the SAM database.

SAM Dataset Definition Editor Web interface for creating, viewing and editing Dataset Definitions.
D0 SAM Diagnostics Tools for checking available servers and their statuses.
SAM in Action! Animated GIFs from SuperComputing 2001
Plots and Statistics Static plots and charts, statistics about file transfers, etc.
Grid Computing SAMGrid (formerly d0grid) Web page describing Jobs and Information Management (JIM) and other Grid activities related to SAM
More About SAM SAM Project documentation, including presentations, tasklists, milestones, design documents, etc.

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