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{The SAM Toucan}

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Sam At A Glance New & Improved! The overall status of SAM in this environment, updated at 10-minute intervals (for production).
NetStat Recent History

New (3Feb2003): A summary of the count of established network connections, by node, for the recent past.
NetStat Instantaneous Summary

A quick summary of the current number of ESTABLISHED connections on this web server node. If the SamDbServers are also running on this node (which they are at the present time), run-away network connections can cause serious global performance degradation.
CORBA Name Service Polling:
Individual Stations:
Other Servers:
Overall system health monitor, giving you live output generated by polling the nameservice and then pinging each of the registered servers.
Tape Volume Status A summary of the tapes which are marked by the Enstore folks as being NOACCESS, NOTALLOWED, etc. This is updated once-per-hour.
Log Files (using SAMzilla)
Other Diagnostic Aids

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