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SAM Project This section of the SAM web site is devoted to details about the SAM project.
SAM Talks Presentations given by the SAM team at Fermilab to project reviewers and at various events around the world.
SAM Documents Complete SAM documentation, including user documents, design documents, etc.
Architecture/Components A complete list and descriptions of the SAM architecture, and all the component products.

Coming soon...Direct links to the SAM CVS code tree for each component product.

Projects SAM depends on Visit our friends...
Project Tasks & Schedules
  • Tasklist/WBS
  • Milestones
  • Initial SAM Prototype See initial SAM prototype documentation, much of which is out-of-date by now.
    {Explore Prototype Testbed System}
  • Goals of the SAM Prototype
  • Testbed for SAM Prototype
  • Code for SAM Prototype
  • HELP, Diagnostics, etc. Project team members in need of help or diagnostics info might find these links useful.
  • SAM Help Page
  • SAM Diagnostics

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