Python API: samAdmin v8_8_3

Just having some fun...
This is the python interface to the command 'samadmin autodest test path'.
This command is deprecated (no longer actively maintained).
Use at your own risk.

Command Description:

Test an autodestination string.

This command will compare a given path and determine if it matches the pattern 
provided, or any of the patterns in the specified mapfile. If neither a pattern
nor a mapfile is provided on the command line, the path will be compared to the 
master mapfile.

A sample command looks like the following:

  $ samadmin autodest test path --path=/pnfs/sam/mammoth/copy1/monte_carlo/field1/mcpc_uta/field2/field3   

  Testpath /pnfs/sam/mammoth/copy1/monte_carlo/field1/mcpc_uta/field2/field3
      matches map entry number 4: (/pnfs/sam/mammoth/copy1/monte_carlo/)([^/]+)(/mcpc_uta/)([^/]+)(/)([^/]+)
      would be mapped to path /pnfs/sam/mammoth/mcc99_2/uta

  Testpath /pnfs/sam/mammoth/copy1/monte_carlo/field1/mcpc_uta/field2/field3
      matches map entry number 22: /.*/
      would be mapped to path /pnfs/sam/NULL

Python Usage:
	from SamAdmin import samAdmin
	result = samAdmin.autodestTestPath(...)

Return value: 

Arguments are passed as keyword-value pairs, as in:
	 myfunc(arg1='myarg', arg2='anotherarg', d=1)

Argument Keyword Description:
	(*) indicates that this keyword is required
	>>> indicates that either the API object or the CLI equivalent (<<<) is required
    KEYWORD                    DATA TYPE            DESCRIPTION
    c                          SamBoolean           automatically close all servants after each method call
    corbaCallTimeout           int                  time in seconds for CORBA method calls to return before timing out (default: 0; zero implies no timeout)
    d                          SamBoolean           debug mode
    mapfile                    string               name of the mapfile to be tested
(*) path                       string               path string, to see if it matches the specified pattern or mapfile
    pattern                    string               pattern to be used
    retryInterval              int                  retry interval base in seconds; will multiply this base times retryCount (default: 5)
    retryJitter                int                  retry jitter, random jitter added to base retry interval times retryCount (default: 5)
    retryMaxCount              int                  number of times to retry CORBA calls for retriable exceptions (default: 25; zero implies no retries)
    s                          SamBoolean           retrySilently mode (do not issue messages to stderr on proxy retries)
    t                          SamBoolean           time-it mode (print additional info on timings)
    v                          SamBoolean           verbose mode

Mutually exclusive keywords:	
	(pattern || mapfile) 

Environment Defaults:
	corbaCallTimeout = os.environ['SAM_PYAPI_CORBA_CALL_TIMEOUT']
	retryInterval = os.environ['SAM_PYAPI_RETRY_INTERVAL']
	retryJitter = os.environ['SAM_PYAPI_RETRY_JITTER']
	retryMaxCount = os.environ['SAM_PYAPI_RETRY_MAX_COUNT']
	s = os.environ['SAM_PYAPI_RETRY_SILENTLY']

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