Python API: sam v8_8_3

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This is the python interface to the command 'sam dump optimizer'.
Command Description:

Dumps information from the optimizer to the screen.

Python Usage:
	from Sam import sam
	result = sam.dumpOptimizer(...)

Return value: string

Arguments are passed as keyword-value pairs, as in:
	 myfunc(arg1='myarg', arg2='anotherarg', d=1)

Argument Keyword Description:
	(*) indicates that this keyword is required
	>>> indicates that either the API object or the CLI equivalent (<<<) is required
    KEYWORD                    DATA TYPE            DESCRIPTION
    c                          SamBoolean           automatically close all servants after each method call
    corbaCallTimeout           int                  time in seconds for CORBA method calls to return before timing out (default: 0; zero implies no timeout)
    d                          SamBoolean           debug mode
    retryInterval              int                  retry interval base in seconds; will multiply this base times retryCount (default: 5)
    retryJitter                int                  retry jitter, random jitter added to base retry interval times retryCount (default: 5)
    retryMaxCount              int                  number of times to retry CORBA calls for retriable exceptions (default: 25; zero implies no retries)
    s                          SamBoolean           retrySilently mode (do not issue messages to stderr on proxy retries)
    suffix                     string               describes optimizer to be dumped
    t                          SamBoolean           time-it mode (print additional info on timings)
    v                          SamBoolean           verbose mode

Environment Defaults:
	corbaCallTimeout = os.environ['SAM_PYAPI_CORBA_CALL_TIMEOUT']
	retryInterval = os.environ['SAM_PYAPI_RETRY_INTERVAL']
	retryJitter = os.environ['SAM_PYAPI_RETRY_JITTER']
	retryMaxCount = os.environ['SAM_PYAPI_RETRY_MAX_COUNT']
	s = os.environ['SAM_PYAPI_RETRY_SILENTLY']

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